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It used to be that having an ad in the phone book was the only 'must' in marketing your business, but that was then and this is now. "Now" means that many of my customers are looking online to find the service or product they need, and they're educating themselves about you and your competitors. So if your business does not have a website, will you be found? If you do have a website, is your company represented adequately?

I've been designing websites since 2000. Every web site is unique, I take the time to listen to what you have to say, and analyze the competition, local, state, and national. Our mission is to help your business establish a profitable and effective web presence at the least possible cost. We take pride in our craft and a personal goal is to build every web site to be an industry leader.

I have experience in designing and re-designing the following types of websites:

  • Brochure & portfolio websites

  • Corporate websites

  • Banner Advertisement Design

  • Paypal Implementation

  • eCommerce

  • Blog websites

  • Content management websites

  • Social media marketing

  • Facebook Landing Pages

I'll take the time to explain how things like search engine optimization or content management systems work and if I think they will work for you.



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